Important Notes

Instructor or Teaching Assistant role

To see test and rubric reports in EAC Visual Data for a particular Blackboard Learn course or organization, you must be enrolled as an instructor or a teaching assistant in that site.

Normalized scores for assessment

EAC Visual Data is an assessment tool. It's not a Grade Center.

It is designed to provide information to improve the quality of exams and exam questions, and rubrics and rubric rows, as well as to analyze student performance on tests and rubrics across courses and over time.

To do this, EAC Visual Data normalizes scores on a scale from 0.0 (low) to 1.0 (high), which means that both average scores and individual student scores for every test question and every rubric row will be presented in EAC Visual Data on a scale from 0.0 (low) to 1.0 (high).

Aggregating Test or Rubric Reports

EAC Visual Data can combine into one aggregate report Tests or Rubrics scored in different Blackboard Learn courses and organizations as long as the Tests or Rubrics in each course are the same, including sharing identical names.

To create a combined report, click the checkbox next to the name of any Test or Rubric on the dashboard list, and EAC will automatically select others on the list that are identical. Next, click the arrow button to generate the aggregate report.


EAC Visual Data generates test statistics for a variety of randomize options in Blackboard Learn, including random blocks of questions, randomizing the order in which questions are presented to students, and randomizing the order in which answer choices are presented to students for each question.

One drawback to randomizing question order is that EAC Visual Data, while able to generate test statistics for the exam and each exam question, will not be able to put statistical reports back into the original question order that an instructor may expect to see.

Searching for Tests and Rubrics in EAC Visual Data

There are four special characters available in EAC Visual Data to enhance searches for tests and rubrics in Blackboard course and organization sites:

^ means AND (e.g., Exam^Fall searches for Tests with names that contain the words "Exam" and "Fall")

, means OR (e.g., Midterm,Final searches for Tests with names that contain the words "Midterm" or "Final")

$ means STARTS WITH (e.g., $Comm searches for Rubrics with names that begin with the letters "Comm")

|| (two pipe characters in a row) means search for Tests or Rubrics scored in particular Blackboard Learn course and organization sites that contain the fragment you place after the double-pipe characters (e.g., ||NURS searches for Tests in all courses with Course Names or IDs that contain "NURS")

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